Vision Board Workshop

Taught by Lynzie Moore

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24 (2 hours)

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Have you ever set goals that just seem to never come to fruition? Need a way to set intention, focus your priorities and manifest the life you want?

Vision boards are a great way to keep those dreams, goals, mindset and ambitions in front of us daily. During this vision board workshop I will go over the process, how vision boards are useful and why many people swear by them.

I will share my tips and tricks to keeping your vision board a presence in your daily life so that you can reach your goals and bring your board to life! Everything I do is based on an emotional connection to create the change within.

Join us to focus the rest of your 2021 on what you truly want to happen in your life. 

No Skill Level Required

All skill levels welcome!

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About Lynzie

My name is Lynzie Moore of Art with Lynzie. I am an intuitive artist, mother, financial planner and advocate. I am one with nature and coming into my own. All the pieces of me work together to help people overcome fears and roadblocks in their life to move forward. Whether blocks in vision, intuition, emotions, finances or your authentic self, we work together to build confidence in your life, your goals and your relationships. Join me in one of my vision board workshops, intuitive reading, or financial planning session. Or see my work at!

My start in art began with a painting I reluctantly entered into an art competition when I was 10 years old and won. Although After a few years, I quit creating as I once did. My creativity continued to resurface throughout points in my life.  Most pieces created are lost as I was.  My heart was heavy and my strokes were in sorrow. It took me years to come back to my first love. Creative expression and building a life of vision and purpose for myself, my family and people around me is my passion and purpose with all I do. If you are ready to move forward in your life, overcome obstacles and fears, and live in vision, let’s talk!