Tutti Fruity Paint Over Collage

Taught by Suzanne Hallett

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24

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Let’s gather together and have some fruity fun with collage and acrylic paints! I will show you how to marry the two and make a visually interesting masterpiece. This class is for everyone from beginner to experienced artist. We will be using the color wheel to make our creations pop. I promise it won’t be hard just kind of gluey and colorful.

When using one medium, such as oil paint, to make a painting visually interesting you typically need to do multiple layers. The collage provides this underpainting and the elements that are allowed to pop through add visual interest, highlights, shadows and so forth. It’s a fun and easy way to captivate the viewer and very satisfying for the maker. I hope you will join me on this creative adventure.

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About Suzanne

Suzanne Hallett is mixed media, fiber and jewelry artist. She has chosen mixed media because it gives her many materials to work with and she feels they, “Are like notes in music to my visual expression.” She has been surrounded by art and artist since she was young and likens being creative is something akin to her heart beat. “Creating is sometimes that I am just compelled to do and I love sharing the joy of art with others.” Suzanne is a very eclectic artist and when I asked her way so many different interests she said, “I am driven by wonder, discovery and a desire to learn and grow.”

Her pieces range from portraits to animals and the natural world.  Wonder, beauty and unbridled happiness as well honoring those that make a positive difference in our world and asking questions about our relationship with nature are frequently her inspiration. “I put my dreams and wishes into each piece and hope those intentions resonate to the viewer and hopefully the world at large.”

She is a self-taught fiber artist and frequently dyes her own wool to spin. “Spinning fiber into yarn is incredibly relaxing to me and I can make exactly what I want rather than searching for it in shops.” Once the yarn has been finished, she likes to knit with it. She makes everything from hats and scarves to toys and purses.

Jewelry is a relatively new endeavor Suzanne discovered at the beginning of the Pandemic in 2019. She had always been drawn to rocks and had quite a collection as a child so making jewelry with them just seemed natural. She makes beautiful, hand knotted Malas with silk, silver or copper and the wonderful shapes, textures and colors found in gemstones. She is currently acquiring the tools she needs for making cabs and is anxious to start learning silversmithing. 

The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with objects it loves. – Carl Jung