Tooling and Dying a Leather Card Wallet

Taught by Rebecca Da Silva

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24 (2 part class)

Class Info

Class Overview

Part 1: Tooling a leather card wallet

During this class you will learn some leather tooling techniques. Together we will draw out, cut and carve the floral design into the body of a leather card wallet! We will learn swivel techniques, How to walk your bevel tools and how to bring your floral design to life! I will talk about the different types of swivel knives available and together we will carve the design into the leather!

Part 2: How to dye and finish your leather card wallet!

This class will focus on the dying of your card wallet as well as how to add snaps and sew your project! We will talk about the leather dye options available and how to properly apply them. I will show the antiquing process which adds the extra depth to your project.

No Skill Level Required

All skill levels welcome!

Supply List

Part 1 – Tooling

Part 2 – Dying and Finishing

  • A selection of paintbrushes thin and thick
  • Fiebing’s leather dyes red and green (or blue and green depending on the colour you would like your flower to be.) – contact your local tandy store directly to order these!
  • Eco flo gel antique- dark brown
  • Super shene sealant
  • A non abrasive sponge to cut for applying antiques and finishers
  • disposable gloves to avoid transference to hands
  • Pricking irons
  • Thread and needles
  • Paper towel
  • A selection of acrylic paints if you would like to add colour depth to your project.

Available for Online Attendance

About Rebecca

Rebecca here. Welcome!
As a lover of colour and a nature enthusiast, I love to see the beauty in the world around me! I also love the messier side of life and often find myself as colourful as my work. Most of my pieces are hand dyed and crafted using my unique in house techniques making them exclusive offerings of wearable art which exude a sense of that full life colour experience!

I am a mother to three beautiful children and love to be able to express my creativity through my handcrafted leather items while still being present and available for my kiddos as they grow and experiment with their surroundings as well! With a Visual arts degree through Uvic and my red seal Baker’s papers, I have always loved working with my hands and hope to continue experimenting and making beautiful handcrafted works for many years to come! Thank you for joining me and being a part of my journey!