The Masks We Wear

Taught by Leah Spitzer

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24 (2 hours)

Class Info

Class Overview

What are masks? Items worn over our faces to protect us. Since Covid-19 began we have had to wear a literal mask to protect ourselves and those around us. It has become easier to hide our expressions while simultaneously expressing ourselves through the patterns, pictures or sayings literally written across our faces. What some may not realize is that most of us have been wearing invisible masks all along, we are just adding another layer. We project to the world a compilation of ideas and attributes that we want the world to believe about us while hiding those aspects we might feel unsure or unsafe sharing.

In this class we will be decorating and creating masks showing how we want the world to see us and the things inside we keep hidden. Markers, paint, feathers, sequins, affirmations and more will adorn our masks as we embrace and celebrate all the parts of ourselves.

No Skill Level Required

All skill levels welcome!

Supply List

  • Mask form- either plastic like this ( or mache if you prefer like this (
  • Adhesive- I like Elmer’s white school glue the best or Aleene’s Tacky Glue with a disposable brush of some sort.
  • A variety of collage supplies that speak to you: Tissue paper, feathers, glitter, sequins, gems, magazines, papers etc. (Ideally you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on collage supplies. Hopefully you have a few things around your home. Dollar stores have lots of fun craft accessories.)
  • Permanent markers and/or a few acrylic paints could also be useful.
  • Scissors¬†
  • Container for water and a tray/container for some of the adhesive.¬†

Available for Online Attendance

About Leah

Leah Spitzer has always been an artist and maker. Through encouragement from her creative mother, Leah began using art to process the traumas and stressors of her life. Creating became a vital tool as she dealt with many things including bullying, family illnesses and suicidal behaviors. Leah followed this love of creativity to college where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in fine art and graphic design. Working independently as an artist was wonderful, but Leah has always been driven to connect with and help others so she pursued a certification as a transformational life coach. With this certification Leah found she could blend the newly acquired techniques with those she had been using since childhood to heal her own life, so that she could help others heal as well.

Leah now works as a Transformational Creative Life Coach using creative practices to help all kinds of clients process and find their Aha! She loves working with artists to take their work to the next level, to break through a creative block or bring a new project to life but adores working with those who don’t consider themselves “creative”. Leah knows we all have creativity in us naturally and when we access it we process things differently than we would from a “logical” viewpoint. She loves to help others navigate their struggles so they can envision and live their best life. This camp Leah is leading two classes The Masks We Wear and Drawing Out & Silencing Your Inner Critic and would love to meet you and work with creative you!