PAINTING with WOOL – Intro to Wet-Felting 2D

Taught by Gina McCauley

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24

Class Info

Class Overview

Learn how to make a 2D piece of artwork with the wet-felting technique, using wool roving, bat, pre-felt, and yarns. We’ll talk about wool and its properties, and the history of felting.       

In this class we’ll make a small Seaside Landscape, approximately 6” square while practicing wet-felting techniques

No Skill Level Required

Supply List

via KIT – Purchase here

**Kit must be ordered no later than July 17th in order to ensure delivery by the start of camp.

  • 100% wool Roving or Batt, yarns, sheet felt – various colors
  • Bubble wrap
  • Netting
  • Natural soap
  • Foam insulation tube

YOU provide:

  • Hot & cold water, and containers
  • Towels
  • Elbow grease

Available for Online Attendance

About Gina

HI! Mama Snooter here (aka Gina McCauley). I’m eager to share FELTING with you!

I have been crafting/making, in one form or another, most of my life.  Although I enjoyed my ‘real job’ as a horticultural consultant to nursery/greenhouse growers in Western Washington for 25 years, my true passion has always been to ‘make things’ and to ‘play with color’.  My path has now lead me to fiber arts.

I’ve been working with wool, in various forms, for over 17 years now. Where did Snooter-doots come from?  A happy accident, and lots of ‘what ifs’!  Many years ago I made a free-form, felted, stuffed toy for my ‘grand-dog’. It turned out so well that my daughter suggested I develop the idea further.  Since I was already selling felted hats at a local farmers market, I thought I’d try making a couple vegetables.  Then more and more critters started ‘showing up’, and the rest is history!

Snooter-doots are created by knitting the body (shell) to shape then wet-felting it. Once stuffed (with fiberfill) our signature wonky eyes are attached by needle-felting. They then get their names, birthdays, and often tell me what their hobbies are. All critters listed here are ready for adoption and their forever families.

My new felted-wool baskets are hand-knit to shape in nine different color schemes, then wet-felted.  I attach a driftwood handle and accessorize each one with shells collected from the beach I live near.  As each basket is one-of-a-kind, they’ll add a unique and lovely touch to any décor.