Intuitive Basket Weaving – Mindfully Connect to your Creativity 

Taught by Leslie Egenberger

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24

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Easy and relaxed workshop showing you how to create truly unique, one of kind coiled fabric and yarn baskets. 

I find making these baskets to be a mindful activity to work through indecision, emotions, or roadblocks. It helps me to “process” and work out the next step on my path to clarity… AND it’s a great stress release, plus it’s FUN!  

Skill Level

No experience necessary!

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Available for Online Attendance

About Leslie

My Mother’s favorite color is white… this is how my story begins. I love Bright COLOR. I think Everyday should be celebrated. I say eat the cake and drink the bubbles, life is meant to live, don’t let the pretty things sit on a shelf waiting for something or someone special. You ARE what is special. Leslie Hand Painted Glass is all about making everyday a special occasion, an event to be enjoyed and celebrated.

Specializing in painted wine glasses, drink-ware, barware and serving pieces our products are proudly created in our Portland, Or studio. Leslie’s most known for her love of the outdoors and gardening, which is reflected in the base of our product designs. LHPG has been creating custom designs for individuals, stores and events large & small for many years all over the county. Don’t be fooled, a single glass can make a very impactful and memorable gift.