Drawing Out & Quieting Your Inner Critic

Taught by Leah Spitzer

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24 (1.5-2 hours)

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We all have that voice inside that sometimes tells us many things like, you aren’t good enough or that was stupid. This critic can show up in all aspects of our life and wreak havoc if we let them. It can make doing some things seem impossible at times and can make us feel horrible about our amazing selves. The key is knowing how to silence it; knowing what to say to fight back when that voice pipes up from within.

In this class we will be identifying and creating our inner critic in all its horrific glory. Shining a light on the teeth, claws and everything in between. We will strip it of its power by naming our critic and develop quick responses to things it frequently says to you so you are ready to battle when it shows its ugly face. Taking control of your critic can help you gain more confidence in all sorts of avenues of life.

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All skill levels welcome!

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About Leah

Leah Spitzer has always been an artist and maker. Through encouragement from her creative mother, Leah began using art to process the traumas and stressors of her life. Creating became a vital tool as she dealt with many things including bullying, family illnesses and suicidal behaviors. Leah followed this love of creativity to college where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in fine art and graphic design. Working independently as an artist was wonderful, but Leah has always been driven to connect with and help others so she pursued a certification as a transformational life coach. With this certification Leah found she could blend the newly acquired techniques with those she had been using since childhood to heal her own life, so that she could help others heal as well.

Leah now works as a Transformational Creative Life Coach using creative practices to help all kinds of clients process and find their Aha! She loves working with artists to take their work to the next level, to break through a creative block or bring a new project to life but adores working with those who don’t consider themselves “creative”. Leah knows we all have creativity in us naturally and when we access it we process things differently than we would from a “logical” viewpoint. She loves to help others navigate their struggles so they can envision and live their best life. This camp Leah is leading two classes The Masks We Wear and Drawing Out & Silencing Your Inner Critic and would love to meet you and work with creative you!