Collage and Painting with Deli Paper

Taught by Wanda Patronella

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24 (2 hours)

Class Info

Class Overview

The first half of this class will be used for creating whimsical designs using deli paper and high flow acrylics.

The second half will be your opportunity to cut and tear the paper to form a masterpiece. 

No Skill Level Required

No previous experience necessary to be highly successful!

Supply List

Substrate of some sort (one type is fine)

  • 140 pound watercolor paper
  • canvas
  • wood

One type of the following or a combination ( any colors)

  • acrylic paints
  • acrylic inks
  • high flow acrylics
  • guache paint

Mod podge or a type of mat medium

Inexpensive brushes, flat or round

Deli paper. Tracing paper. Computer paper. (one type is fine)

Items that will leave a print or design such as:

  • legos
  • potato masher
  • wine corks
  • forks
  • bottom and top of a plastic container
  • thread spool
  • bottle lids
  • toilet paper rolls
  • plastic toys with texture
  • tools with texture

Available for Online Attendance

About Wanda

Wanda was lucky enough to be born into a family that fostered creativity.  She loved cutting and gluing stuff together more than anything.  The older she got the more she learned and the happier she became.  Painting.  Sewing.  Crocheting.  Cooking.  Designing purses in the 70’s.

Wanda retired from teaching 7 years ago and then had so much time to create.  And now she creates and teaches.  She’s still lucky….beyond belief.