Blending with Acrylics

Taught by Rachel Wood

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24

Class Info

Class Overview

Want to create soft, oil-like paintings without using oils? It’s totally possible with the right technique!

In this class, Rachel will teach you how to blend acrylics on canvas to create the smooth textures and color transitions that are often missed by those who don’t want to use messy (and stinky) oil based paints.

No Skill Level Required

Supply List

  • Paint Set (one that includes black and white)
  • round tip 3/4”-1” brush (best if made for acrylic/oils)
  • stretched canvas, canvas board or canvas textured (acrylic) paper

Available for Online Attendance

About Rachel

Rachel Wood is an Oregon-based artist and her main mediums include abstract acrylic on canvas and watercolors. She has been taking art classes and creating artwork since she was a teen and over time her focus has been on creating art for home and communal spaces. Rachel loves to play with color, experiment with new ways of unplanned painting and allowing emotion to be her guide when she puts brush to canvas.