Alcohol Ink Workshop

Taught by Tina Hois

JOYfilled Arts & Crafts Virtual Summer Camp July 22-24

Class Info

Class Overview

JoinTina in this fun and exciting workshop where you will discover the amazing properties of alcohol inks and how to manipulate them into fabulous artwork. 

You will learn to create abstract, organic art with a variety of techniques on Yupo paper and ceramic tile.

They are an incredible medium!

What you will explore:

  • What are alcohol inks 

  • Suitable surfaces to create on

  • How to manipulate and paint with inks

No Skill Level Required

Supply List



  • YUPO paper (2 pieces)

  • 4 Ceramic tile – any size you prefer (a white ceramic plate or bowl can be substituted) from the dollar store

  • White coffee cup from the dollar store


  • Small squeeze bottle 
  • Fine tip paint brush 
  • Ice cube tray
  • Blow dryer
  • Straw
  • Paper towel 
  • Disposable Gloves 

Available for Online Attendance

About Tina

I have been creating since I can remember with crayons and cross stitch being my first creative adventures. 

As life happens I started a career and left creativity on the sidelines until I had my first child. 

It was then~22 years ago that I was introduced to scrapbooking and it was as if the lights came back on!  

I could not get enough of the papers, the punches, the embellishments, oh my!

It was onward and forward.  

My career path took a turn and I started something I truly loved ~ working with a creative team of individuals for one of North America’s leading craft retailers, teaching and creating artful workshops.

It’s been over 10 years and I know that I will never put down the paint brush again.

Tina Hois ARt is my little corner in the art world, a place that makes me happy~ where I learn, create and inspire.